April 14, 2021
Abbie, JHS Class of 2021
Stockyards, Fort Worth, Texas
When I first started out as a photographer in 1999, it never occurred to me that the tiny humans I was photographing would eventually grow up, and that one day I would be capturing things like 18th birthdays and  senior pictures…
That very thing started happening this year, and I have feelings about it. Lots of feelings. BIG feelings. 
Abbie, a 2021 Senior and former softball player at Joshua High School, is one of those wonderful, tiny humans whose image I have been capturing since she was a toddler. She, her sister, Emilie, and their family, have been frequent subjects of mine over the years. Between wedding photos, maternity sessions, family portraits, and “just for fun” pics, this beautiful soul has logged thousands of clicks on my camera.
This time, Abbie had a session of her very own! She requested a rustic backdrop to reflect her fantastic sense of style, so on a recent evening we headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards. We took our time, capturing gorgeous images like these (!!), and chatting about her plans for the future.
For the past two years, Abbie has worked as a courtesy clerk at Brookshire’s grocery store. After graduation, though, she’s joining the Navy where she hopes to become a Master- at- arms and is considering a future career in law enforcement.
Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Abbie! We are so very proud of you, and thank you for allowing me, once again, to be a part of such a huge moment in your life!
Leah Baldock, 
Leah Baldock Photography
 Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
In late 2020 I made the decision to re-brand my business, and while wading knee-deep through stacks of digital images, brainstorming for fresh content, and building a new website from the ground up, I came to a sudden realization— the last time I had updated my own profile pictures on social media was sometime during the Obama administration. It was definitely time for new headshots! 
Leah is my second cousin, and the owner and photographer of Leah Baldock Photography. She is an artist of incredible talent whose work I truly enjoy. A small business owner myself, it’s super important to me to support other small businesses, so I reached out and pitched the idea of an artist collaboration. 
As a person who also lives with a camera in her hand, surely she was in need of a few professional headshots and personality pics, too? To my great relief, Leah was even more enthusiastic about the idea than I could have hoped. We made a plan, and one afternoon earlier this month we met at the Kimbell Art Museum, where we took turns photographing each other.
THIS WOMAN. Let me tell you, friends, Leah has always been beautiful. She’s about six years younger than me, and even though we unfortunately weren’t raised near each other, I’ll always remember her as this endearing little girl with the sweetest dimples and an adorable bob haircut. A few years ago when I had the opportunity to capture her senior pictures, she had become an equally lovely young woman, with a fantastics sense of style and a show-stopping smile. And now? Goodness! I can’t get over what a gorgeous woman my “little” cousin has grown into! 
I am so very grateful for Leah’s time and talent. Like many photographers, I prefer my place behind the lens and I absolutely dread having my picture taken- I just feel so awkward and completely unphotogenic! As excited as I was about working with my cousin, I was also a ball of anxiety! 
Leah’s professionalism, her gentle direction, patience, and sense of humor, made all the difference! I came away with more images than I know what to do with, each of them beautifully well-made, and for that I am ever-so grateful. I have included a few of my favorites here, and more will be placed throughout this website and on my social media pages.
Leah, thanks you again, so much, for your generosity and talent. I can’t wait for what we have planned in the Spring!
February 5, 2021
Skylar & Christian, Kleb Woods Nature Preserve, Tomball, Texas
Full Disclosure: This stunning young woman also happens to be my bonus daughter, so I won't even pretend to be impartial... but even if wasn't lucky enough to already be a part of her family, I would still be just as excited about capturing this incredible engagement session with her fiancé, Christian.
In keeping with her vision for a rustic-style wedding, Skylar suggested we meet at Kleb Woods Nature Preserve, near Tomball, Texas. As soon as I laid eyes on that big, weathered barn, I completely understood why we were there!
I couldn't pass up an opportunity to grab a few shots of the whole family. After a few tickles and plenty of giggles, we sent sweet Sadie with Grandpa, to Pokemon hunt and explore the park, and I got down to business.
With the little one occupied, the three of us made our way around the beautiful, wooded property, chatting about plans for a September 2021 wedding near Austin, stopping here and there for a pose or two. 
The location itself made my job super easy-- the forest... the Spanish moss... and have you SEEN that golden light?! I was so happy, I think I actually danced! 
Working with Skylar and Christian was truly an honor and a blessing, and I look forward to the opportunity to capture their memories for many more years to come. Thank you both so much, and Christian, welcome to the family!

To see more images from Skylar and Christian's session, please click here.
January 29, 2021
Katie & Jason, Burleson, Texas
Before I get too far into this blog post, I have to admit that I’m pretty biased when it comes to this gorgeous couple and their girls— Katie has been one of my best friends for more than twenty years! It’s been such a blessing to have photographed these young ladies since they were in diapers, and I’m thrilled, each and every time they let me know they’re ready for another session.
This time, we coordinated with Katie's sister, Sarah, and her family so we could create a spread of coordinating images they could give as joint Christmas gifts. Instead of one, longer session, we opted for two separate photoshoots at the same location. Katie and Sarah did a fantastic job of coordinating outfits, which was key to producing such a cohesive group of photographs!
Bailey Lake in Burleson was the perfect location, so I met the Schneck family after school, on a mild day last December. Katie teaches kindergarten at a local elementary school, and Jason owns a local company that specializes in heavy-equipment repair.
Their girls, ages 4 to 17 years old, are some of the sweetest kids I know, invariably patient and exceedingly tolerant of my constant clicking away and bossing of them. 
Each of the Katie and Jason’s girls are stunning, but this time (and I’m sure they won’t mind if I say so) , little sister stole the show! Karlie is a lovely little soul, but she wasn’t so sure about the lady with a camera.
It took some time for her to come out of her shell, but with the helpful coaching of Mommy, Daddy, and big sisters, this little star began to SHINE! Such big personality in such a teeny-tiny person! 
Katie and Jason, once again, thank you for allowing me to capture your memories. It is a joy and a blessing to create images I know you will forever cherish. Your confidence in my work never goes unappreciated!
January 12, 2021
Sarah & Taylor, Burleson, Texas
I’m lucky enough to have known Sarah and her wonderful family for over 20 years. Her sister, Katie, has been one of my closest friends since we were both students at Joshua High School. I think it’s pretty awesome that I have been photographing this family since we were practically teenagers! I am forever grateful for the love and support they have showered me with over the years.​​​​​​​
They both reached out to me at the end of last year because they planned to give family portraits as Christmas gifts. While we had originally scheduled a single, longer, session in order to create the most cohesive images possible, 2020 stepped in and we had to improvise. Sarah and Taylor, and the five sweet boys they share, were able to meet with me a little sooner, so we went ahead and got down to business!
Sarah is a talented local hairstylist who just returned to school to a become a nurse, and Taylor is a flight paramedic. They are a sweet, genuine couple who recently celebrated their third anniversary, and I truly enjoyed photographing them. 
Their handsome boys, all between the ages of 10 and 4 years old, were a blast to work with! Like most kids having their pictures made, they were a bit shy at first. It didn’t take me long to draw them out of their shells— all I had to do was mention funny faces, and they were hamming it up! 
Sarah and Taylor, thank you again for the opportunity to capture your portraits. It is always a joy and I can’t wait until next time! To see more from this session, click here.
January 5, 2021
Ashley & Matt, Benbrook, Texas
Transplants from up north, Matt and Ashley relocated to Texas in 2015, around the time we all started part-time jobs at a local art museum. Both intelligent and creative individuals in their own right, Ashley is a student of landscape architecture and a total math queen— she might be one of the smartest people I know! Matt, an incredibly talented artist who specializes in encaustic painting, is an art instructor and presently moonlights as an overnight security officer at the same museum. ​​​​​​​
These two are an endearing couple and it has been a joy getting to know them over the years. I always looked forward to the days that we were assigned the same shift— Ashley’s bouncy personality and beaming smile are in beautiful contrast to Matt’s more quiet, reserved nature. I was truly honored when they approached me two years ago to capture a few engagement portraits, and then wedding photos a year later! ​​​​​​​
Ashley and Matt contacted me in the Fall to do a one-year anniversary session, and I was THRILLED at the chance to work with them once again! I knew I wanted to give them something “special”, so I brainstormed and searched for the perfect location, which I found nearby in Benbrook, Texas. We were blessed with a cool, clear December day and the most gorgeous golden light a photographer could hope for! 
This perfect weather, combined with the fun personalities and fantastic fashion sense these two bring to the table, gave me a chance to capture some of the most stunning images I’ve had the privilege of creating. Matt and Ashley, thank you so much for another opportunity to work with you! I hope you enjoy your portraits as much as I enjoyed making them! Please click here to see more images from Ashley and Matt's session.

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